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SAM Award 2019 – LUKOWA is awarded at this year’s SAM gala night

December 13, 2019

Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) is a business association, established in 2006 in Belgrade, which focuses on professional development of managers and the advancement of managerial profession; on intensifying the regional cooperation and on promoting business networking in Serbia.

In its efforts and through its activities, SAM strives to improve the overall business environment in Serbia, to support faster economic development and to strengthen the capacity of managers.

We are delighted that SAM recognized our company as one of the most impactful ones aiming to develop and provide quality programme for ambitious young people and we are proud to receive this year’s award for educating students and engaging them in the processing industry through LUKOWA Academy - free, two‐month training programme, designed for students in their final years of bachelor and master studies. LUKOWA Academy let’s students solve real business challenges faced by LUKOWA Group.


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