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We’re a new kind of conglomerate working within business areas across the food industry, real estate, and ventures within new technology. It’s in the synergy between our businesses that we pioneer – along with global clients and partners.

Your challenges.
Our passion.

Flexibility and convenience are absolute musts in today’s food industry. That’s why we’re extremely flexible in our ability to meet high‐end customer demands. Composition and product mix are entirely up to you. Our 65,000 tonnes of production capacity for frozen goods allows us to take on orders of any size – for both private labels or trademarks. We’re a one‐stop shop. That makes it easier for you.

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Trust comes first. Always.

Ensuring honest, trusted, and open partnerships is at the core of our DNA in dealing with real estate. We treat every investment and partner – or tenant – with the time and care they deserve. Our transparent processes and partnership‐based approach underline that ambition. We know that trust is earned when action follows words.

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We are changing the game.

LUKOWA Sports is a sports management and investment firm. We invest in ambitious sports clubs and help manage and develop their players, associated staff, and organisations. Our experienced agency and legal team open up new opportunities through a wide array of services within sports law, financial services, and transfer handling.

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Investments. With room for growth.

At LUKOWA, we’re entrepreneurs by heart. We’re naturally driven by progression and growth, which our investment and wealth management strategy reflects. We don’t limit what has the potential to become something greater. To us, it’s all about making room for smarter and more sustainable lives for all of us.

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Innovation. It doesn’t just happen.

LUKOWA Ventures invests in promising startups and launches breakthrough innovations. Our team of industry experts, researchers, strategists, and proven entrepreneurs will help you take your business to new heights. It’s not just about growing a business. It’s about creating meaningful growth that makes a real impact on people and society at large.

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We do not set the bar. You do.

Developing and nurturing talent is one of our greatest ambitions in LUKOWA. Our Academy has brought hundreds of creative minds together to make way for our next breakthroughs in innovation or business excellence. Here, your ideas and ambition matter – to us, and for the many lives we impact every day. Begin your next chapter here.

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