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LUKOWA Sports is a sports management and investment firm. We invest in ambitious sport clubs and help manage and develop their players, associated staff, and organisations. Our experienced agency and legal team open up new opportunities through a wide array of services within sports law, financial services, and transfer handling.

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Legal services and advisory

Unmatched support. Legal excellence.

In the new age of sports management, strong legal capabilities is your winning advantage – as a club and as a player. From the intricate world of arbitration, litigation, CAS, and FIFA matters to navigating intellectual property, image, and sponsorships, our seasoned legal team ensures your rights are managed intelligently and that your potential continues to grow.

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Transfers and contracts

Global reach. Sealing success.

You need to be able to navigate your next step with confidence. Backed by an extensive network of experts, agents, scouts, and clubs, we orchestrate your journey so it aligns with your vision and career opportunities. No matter if you’re an aspiring talent or a leading player, we’ll make sure to help you navigate the transfer market – and redefine it in your favour.

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We combine profound experience in streamlining processes, contract negotiations, and financial optimisation to create the optimal foundation for growth – both on and off the pitch.

“LUKOWA Sports acted as a trusted partner throughout my transfer process. Not only as a legal team, but as an integrated part of making my ambitions become a reality.”
– International football player, client of LUKOWA Sports

A holistic approach

Seize opportunities. Go beyond the pitch.

Managing a career is about much more than contracts and transfers, which is why we’ll act as more than a legal team: We’re your partner. Our upcoming and tailormade off-pitch services will include concierge services; from seamless relocations to career management, business ventures and endorsement opportunities. Your career should extend way beyond the pitch – we’re there to make it happen.

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From Switzerland to the world

Welcome to LUKOWA Sports

This is where ambition meets opportunity. As a sports management and investment firm made up of experienced business leaders and legal advisors, our commitment to excellence is what will open doors and drive opportunities. We act as a dedicated partner and use our deep understanding of business and sports to create a clear path to success.

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“Realising business opportunities in today’s sports industry is about more than connections and ambitions. It’s about having a meticulously crafted strategy with clear action points. That’s what we’ll create and evolve together.”
– CEO of LUKOWA Sports

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Reach out to our experts

Our seasoned team is ready to advise you on your next move – from contracts and transfers to club or career growth. Reach out today and let’s redefine the journey together.

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