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Advisory in action.

Our deep commitment to your success is at the heart of every match, every negotiation, or every opportunity seized. Our work isn’t confined to boardroom discussions, but unfolds dynamically by taking action – no matter if we’re nurturing talent or crafting contracts. Our team of experts will make sure that each service has its purpose in the new age of sports.

Navigate complexity. Open opportunities.

Legal services and advisory

For decades, we’ve been experienced leaders across various commercial realities. We know that the realm of sports and its associated business areas have transformed into a complex landscape – holding many implications for all parties involved. Our specialists and extended network will guide you forward.

Our expertise spans broadly: From intricate legal matters such as arbitration, litigation, and international matters related to CAS and FIFA to the nuanced territories of intellectual property, image rights, and sponsorships – areas that are more important and arguably harder to manage than ever before.

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Plan your journey. Step by step.

While your brand and rights are guarded with precision and your image rights are amplified, we’ll also help you plan your next stepping stone. To us, legal advisory is about shaping strategies and solid foundations. We’ll help you navigate your rights, immigration matters, and taxes seamlessly while ensuring that your assets and wealth are managed with strategic finesse.

  • Arbitration and litigation, CAS and FIFA matters
  • Public courts
  • Mediation
  • Corporate law
  • Employment rights and immigration
  • Tax management and planning
  • Asset and wealth management
  • Real estate strategy and ownership
  • Corporate financing
  • Intellectual property and merchandising
  • Sponsorships, endorsements, and marketing
  • Broadcasting and image rights

LUKOWA Sports isn’t just your legal team. We consider ourselves the architects of your success.

Advancing careers. Through unmatched precision.

Transfers and contracts

Drawing upon heavy expertise and a global reach, we understand that every contract and negotiation carries the weight of the athlete’s ambitions and opportunities. That’s why our team will not only assist you in maximising the potential of your negotiation: We’ll also ensure that you get the most from the breakthrough moments and pinnacle stages of your career.

Behind every great transfer lies a network of influencers and decision makers. We leverage an extensive web of scouts, agents, and experts to make sure that every part of your transfer is managed with precision; from handling immigration and taxation to maximising the business potential of the deal. Throughout the process, our legal team will be by your side – and we won’t settle until everything is exactly right.

Services include:

  • Contracts and advisory
  • First professional contracts
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Global coverage
  • An extensive network of scouts and clubs
  • Residence and work permits
  • 24/7 support globally
Career building. On and off the pitch.

At LUKOWA Sports, our services will move way beyond the pitch. That’s because we know that success is defined by tailoring your strategy from every angle. Our concierge services will help you manage the details of settling into new a environment – or open up a world of possibilities from endorsements and events to unique experiences. Meanwhile, your success is anchored in both physical and mental well-being. With access to experts, therapists, and private coaches, we’ll help you tailor programmes that enhance your potential.

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