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LUKOWA Group is a food, technology, and real estate conglomerate. With uncompromising speed and efficiency, we deliver superior products and highly reliable services to market‐leading clients and partners worldwide.

About LUKOWA Group
Our business areas

We deliver state‐of‐the‐art services across all of our business areas. From our advanced production facilities in the food industry, our means of ensuring trust in real estate, and on to our breakthroughs in new technology, the goal is to make our clients and partners succeed. To us, partnerships mean helping others win.

LUKOWA is a new kind of conglomerate

We’re the established experts and trusted partners. Across processes, products, and partnerships, we strive to deliver excellent solutions – today and tomorrow.

It’s in our DNA to seize new opportunities and move forward with speed and confidence. With a relentless focus on quality, we never settle. We do things right.

We’re an ever‐growing business. Constantly breaking new ground, we’re the capable hands that help shape the lives of tomorrow. Pioneering new and sustainable solutions comes with great responsibility. That’s why we act with true care for people and planet. We never compromise. We do the right things.

We can be as ambitious and idealistic as we like. So we’re going to. Let’s pioneer the lives of tomorrow – for all of us.

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