LUKOWA Group is a food, technology, and real estate conglomerate.

LUKOWA by the numbers


We’re a global conglomerate with 12 businesses helping partners and clients achieve excellence.


Our vast network of suppliers and customers covers 28 countries around the globe.


More than 500 employees are working to provide excellence for our global clients and partners.


LUKOWA was founded in 1983 and has grown into a conglomerate spanning an ever‐growing range of business areas.

Pioneer what’s next

Pioneering what’s next means having our eyes firmly fixed on the future. We’re constantly seeking to improve the way we do business while bravely building the businesses of tomorrow.

Quality without compromise

We’re one corporation, with one way of doing business: By never compromising on quality, we set the foundation for processes, products and partnerships. We never settle.

Driven by nature

We’re naturally driven. Taking action and driving results is part of our DNA. It’s a given. We’re driven by nature. Committed to finding greener, more sustainable ways. It’s a must.

Trust is everything

Trust comes first. It’s the starting point for any true partnership. Trust also follows. It’s the end result of a promise kept, a deadline met, and a goal achieved.

The LUKOWA Circle of Excellence

Our four mantras comprise our constant goal: Excellence Everywhere. Quality, accuracy, and accountability are at the heart of what we do.

The LUKOWA story

From Switzerland to the world

Since the establishment of LUKOWA in 1983, we’ve been producing and delivering world‐class products to the food industry. With Switzerland as our base, we’ve become one of the most significant market players in the global food and beverage industry.

We’re continuously expanding our business and have in recent years turned into a conglomerate covering several business areas ranging from real estate, wealth management, entertainment, and ventures within breakthrough technology.

From our very beginning, it’s been in our DNA to pioneer through bravery and excellence. Our ambitions are high – and our ability to execute has proven to be even higher. Together with our partners, we continue to move on towards greater things: Empowering everyone to live smarter, happier, and more sustainable lives.

Our headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland
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