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Proud new member of Avenir Suisse

May 14, 2021

Avenir Suisse is an independent think tank that works for the future of Switzerland by developing evidence-based, liberal, free-market ideas. As described by Avenir Suisse, liberal framework for Switzerland’s House of Prosperity consists of 5 initiatives, for Open Switzerland, Infrastructure and markets, Sustainable Welfare policy, Smart government and Equal Opportunity Society.

Avenir Suisse wants to contribute to ensuring and increasing the prosperity of broad sections of the Swiss population on a long-term basis. To do so, their research focuses on five drivers which they see as key to the further development of “Prosperity House Switzerland.” Additionally, they look at cross-sectional themes such as digitization and demographics, which influence all the drivers and are therefore incorporated in all of proposed solutions.

LUKOWA has been honored by invitation to become part of this organization and give own contribution to this collective effort of 160 renowned companies to secure stability and prosperity of Swiss economy and the state.


Avenir Suisse

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