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Trust comes first.


LUKOWA Assets is a property management and investment firm. We own and develop larger commercial projects and private residences with the goal of realising their high potential. Together with our partners and clients, we make room for smarter, better, and more sustainable living and working.

“Trust is the end result of a deadline met and a promise kept – and in dealing with real estate projects, it’s simply essential.”

New acquisition

Grüezi, Luzern

We’re happy to finally announce the acquisition of Hallwilerweg 2 in the heart of Lucerne, Switzerland. It’s a property with a strong and unique architectural expression and consisting of commercial, business, and residential sections. This multi‐purpose building will be the home of LUKOWA Group, housing all our activities, including our Assets vector. We are looking forward to hosting you in this architectural gem.

We believe in better living and working

LUKOWA Assets is here to improve work spaces and living spaces for everyone. That’s why we develop our properties with respect for people and planet.

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